X-Mas Sweater Animations Tutorial

I did the three X-Mas Sweater animations below for the Christmas party at my school. I did the whole thing in After Effects. You can download and use my After Effects file and replace the artwork with another one of your choice or you can follow this brief summary for creating the same effect:

Download After Effects file (735KB)

X-Mas Knit Texture

  1. Create a new adjustment layer on top of your animation/artwork.
  2. Put the CC Ball Action Effect on top of it.
  3. Then put the Wave Warp Effect on the same adjustment layer. The Important thing is here, that your wave height and your wave width match in order to create a nice knit texture.
  4.  Last but not least we need to create some imperfections to generate a higher level of realism. Put a Turbulent Displace Effect below the other two effects.
  5. Use my values to start with in order to create the same effect:

Automation with expressions

You can automate the grid with two little expressions. This way the grid perfectly lines up every time you change the grid spacing in the CC Ball Action Effect. Heres how you do it:

  1. Go to the wave warp effect in your layers panel and extend the wave height and alt-click on the stopwatch.
  2. Now you can paste in the following expression: effect(“Wave Warp”)(“Wave Width”)/2
  3. Do the same thing on the wave width and paste in the following expression: effect(“CC Ball Action”)(“Grid Spacing”)*2+2


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