Story concept

A story concept for my application at HSLU.

The main characters:


  • spherical and funny character with two arms and a face
  • expressive, cartoony facial expression and gestures
  • fascinated by the look and the warm light that the candle emits
  • wants to get to the candle


  • a candle with a simple face
  • slow and beautiful movements
  • is only able to lean in multiple directions
  • likes the clumsy attempts of the darkness

A brief summary:
Because these two characters aren’t able to coexist, the story develops a problem with an interesting dynamic. The light of the candle creates some sort of an elastic barrier which the darkness can not pass. This barrier symbolises the boundary between them. The darkness tries to reach the light with multiple funny and creative attempts. After the darkness nearly surrendered, the candle tries to encourage the darkness one last time.
While the Darkness leans with all of his power against the barrier, the candle starts to hold her breath. Because she’s holding her breath, the flame isn’t supplied with oxygen anymore. The Candle gets smaller and smaller and changes her color from reddish to blue. The Darkness isn’t noticing the change and is almost able to touch the candle. But on the last few millimeters, the candle goes out. All it’s left is the Darkness with a sad and confused expression