Diving into the CG-sea

In the last three weeks, I learned the basics in Pixologics Zbrush and Autodesks Maya in the CGI basic course. In this module, I had to produce a CGI animated short from scratch. I knew I wanted to do something experimental and play mainly with color and the camera. So I made a music video for the song 1-2-3-4 from John Murphy.

After finishing the script and developing the animatic, I was ready to start with the production.

First, I blocked the rough timing and sculpted the helmet of my scuba diver in Maya, then I moved to Zbrush and worked on the body. To maintain the details in the rendering process, I read and watched a lot of tutorials online about UV maps and vector displacement projections. With this need little trick, I was able to reduce my figure to a minimal amount of polygons but maintain all of my previously sculpted details from Zbrush (I’ll write more about this procedure later or write even a tutorial about that).

With all the assets ready, I staged my figure in the scene and placed the camera and lights. After that, I had to render the whole thing.


Here are some Insights into the project. The movie is not finished yet. I’ll post the fully rendered version and some more pictures in the next few weeks.

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